Top-of-the-line young and energetic faculty (majority PhDs) * Novel effective learning an teaching methodologies including
o Interactive Class Discussions
o Problem-based Learning
o Socratic Learning Method
o Interactive Class Demos
o Interactive Lecture Handouts
o Conceptual and thought provoking term examination and tests
o Latest pedagogical tools using technology including

- Piazza ( is an online portal that features course topic discussions, question and answers under direct supervision of course instructors, lecture and assignment posting, resource sharing, etc. All top universities of the world including Stanford, Harvard, Cornell, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, etc. are using Piazza in their courses. - Online Lecture Feedback
- Twitter ( as a teaching, learning and communication aid
- Facebook ( as a teaching and learning and communication aid

- Automated email-based student advisory based on student performance
- SMS based group discussions
* Strong Industrial Liaison
* In-house Tech Incubators
* Research Groups including CRUC
Feedback and Flip Classroom