Financial Aid

Scholarships are part of DSU's commitment to rewarding academic excellence and enabling students from all background to realize their potential. DSU practices a need-blind policy and believes in merit as the sole criteria for admission to its programs. The Scholarships Award Committee (SAC) at DSU aims to select deserving students so as to assist them with their educational expenses. DSU awards two types of scholarships, namely:

Need-Based Scholarship: These are awarded to needy students with financial constraints and good academic standing, to help them continue their education at the University.
Merit-Based Scholarship: These are awarded to academically outstanding students who have excelled in studies at the university.

Fee Concession
A concession of 50% in Tuition Fee, is admissible to all regular faculty members, officers and employees of DHA and DSU for themselves, their spouses and their dependent children, subject to the condition that they compete with others at the time of admission and come in the merit list. Application for Fee Concession will be processed through Scholarships Award Committee. Fee concession will continue subject to achieving a semester GPA of 2.0/4.0, otherwise Fee Concession will only be withdrawn in the following semester, and will only be restored in subsequent semesters if the student succeeds in achieving a semester GPA of 2.0 or above. Students should also refer to the DSU Students Handbook for detailed rules for application and qualification for scholarship and fee concessions.