ACM @ DSU is platform that for all to share their experiences. We believe in learning and reflecting it to others. With this mind set of each of every member we encourage the students to arrange conferences, seminars, training sessions for the students who participate in competition. ACM@DSU not only inspirits the students to participate in completions but we also help them organize peer mentoring sessions for the fresh men. Freshies who have any problems regarding problem solving the peers with prior knowledge of the course, helps them out (yes! Just helping ). ACM@DSU has arranged Scratch Competition among the fresh men and constantly motivating their urge to learn more. Then arranging and intra-university competition for prestigious inter university completions like GIKI, procom etc. Where top three qualifying teams, are funded by the university, to take part in the completions. ACM@DSU’s aims to encourage and motivate young talents and polishing the existing stars of DSU.